Valeria Graci gets naked: 'Now I'm fine as my mother made me'

The correspondent of Striscia reveals herself. On TV (for a good cause). And on Today, talking about everything. From the analysis sessions to her dark moment. And she confesses to having prostheses: 'But not to the boobs'

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Valeria Graci  got naked. On TV (for a good cause). And on Oggi, talking about everything, from analysis sessions to her dark moment. And she also confesses that she has some ideas: 'But not the boobs' – Photo

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'It's easy to get naked if you're Elisabetta Gregoraci or Maddalena Corvaglia, let me do it because I'm stocky and with cellulite, then yes it takes courage!'. Valeria Graci's self-irony immediately overwhelms us, over a coffee in a bar in Milan. Comedian, presenter, actress, we saw her on the Rai 2 show Naked for life , conducted by Mara Maionchi. Together with other famous, Valeria has learned a choreography and become familiar with her body, to then stage a musical. The goal is to get rid of the fear of being naked, to achieve two goals: self-acceptance and the invitation to carry out checks for the prevention of breast cancer. 'I did a crazy ballet covered in gold,' says Valeria. «Each of us gradually took off a piece of clothing, the meaning was: 'Here I am, I am here, I am not ashamed'. If this program pushes even one girl to get a mammogram, I'll be happy.'

An occasion in which prevention saved you?
«Eleven years ago, immediately after giving birth, I lost weight, was stressed, I was shaking. My mom insisted I get checked and I found out I had a busted thyroid. I had to treat myself with a toxic drug for two years, and as a skinny guy I was I gained weight, I was disharmonious for some time. Then I also discovered that I have otosclerosis, an inherited hearing disorder. And now I have prosthetic ears instead of boobs.'

S u Instagram, talks about self-acceptance, body positive, posts photos in swimsuit with rolls.
«I am aware of who I am, of my age, of my physicality. I worked on it, I did analysis. Social networks are now out of control, we are used to filters, but people need the truth. Real life is something else: for me it is accompanying my father to the hospital, organizing football for my son, paying bills, looking in the pantry for how much stuff there is to buy».

Next television commitment: permanent presence in the studio on Citofonare Rai 2, with Simona Ventura and Paola Perego.
«I will address social issues. But in reality my goal will be to make fun of the two ladies, to snatch those two jobs. Then I'll come back to Strip the news as sent, maybe with a new character or maybe I'll be back as Ursula Von der Leyen. Antonio Ricci likes you to whip politicians, unfortunately the whip is made of wool and it doesn't hurt.'

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Does he team up with women?
«For ten years I worked as a couple with Katia Follesa ( formed the comedy duo Katia & Valeria, launched by Zelig , ed.). With her we had the courage to send ourselves to hell, to tell each other 'how bitchy you are', to take different paths. But the friendship remains, tonight we're going to dance at the Ortica dance hall with the children'.

He didn't have an easy life. Her parents separated when she was one year old.
«As a child I suffered a lot from this, in elementary school I was the only one with separated parents. I felt different, as if something was missing, I asked myself: “Why them and not me, what am I doing wrong?”. The desire of the children of the separated is to see their parents get back together. I often asked my mother: “Why don't you come back with dad?”».

Then she too separated from her partner, father of her son Pierluigi, who is now 11 years old.
“My son only told me twice: 'I would like you to go back with dad'. Then I spoke to him clearly, I would never have forgiven myself for staying with his father pretending to be happy when in reality I wasn't ».

Was she unlucky in love?
“I made unconsidered choices. I threw myself, I'm proud to have followed my heart, for better or for worse'.

After the separation, who has been close to her?
«I went through a difficult moment and my parents moved from Milan to Rome, where I lived at the time. Seeing my mother and father under the same roof has given me so much back. We spent Christmas together, like we didn't when I was little. They went arm in arm to pick up my son from school, my father took him to soccer, basketball, swimming, which he didn't do with me. I am grateful for that moment of despair and pain because it was life anyway.

And now what dreams?
«A theatrical show of my own, which is not only comical. And if no one will give me this opportunity, I'll create it myself.'