Valeria Solarino: 'I become Lucia Bosè, but I don't cancel myself out of love like she did' – exclusive

The actress plays the role of Miguel's mother and confides in the weekly Oggi on newsstands. Speaking of her, her relationship with the director Giovanni Veronesi, her 20-year career and also the Meloni government. “That rides hate and racism. And this is unforgivable”

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Valeria Solarino becomes Lucia Bosè in the Paramount+ series on the life of her son Miguel. And for the occasion she confides in the weekly Oggi on newsstands, in a long exclusive interview – Photo | video

Valeria Solarino becomes Lucia Bosè Valeria Solarino becomes Lucia Bosè

Valeria Solarino, 20-year career – guard

The cover of Today on newsstands

  !P!Today!IS!0046.2022!N!46 SOLARINO COVER!E!.pdf 20 YEARS OF CAREER AND 20 YEARS WITH THE DIRECTOR VERONESI - In the interview with Oggi on the newsstand, Valeria Solarino, who plays Lucia Bosè in the series bose : «For Dominguìn, Lucia agrees to stop being an actress, and she will also agree not to speak or cook Italian anymore, to give up herself and her roots for him». And have you, Valeria, ever chosen to follow a path traced by others? «The great choices of my life are daughters of instinct. For one thing: I never thought about marriage and therefore I didn't get married». In the interview with Oggi, the actress declares herself true to herself, also in her image: «Surgery has created an aesthetic canon from which it is easy to be seduced. It applies to everyone and even more to those who, for work, are exposed to the judgment of the beholder, such as actresses. That's why I don't blame those who retouch themselves. I just wouldn't recognize myself, I'm of the opinion that beauty has to do with being faithful to who one is». You are about to celebrate 20 years of career and 20 of her next to the director Giovanni Veronesi and you say: «The definition of a person does not pass through anyone but himself. The 20 years with Giovanni have no effect on me, because in our being together there is no construction, it is a 'natural' being together, a standing next to each other. I am more impressed by the 20-year career. My obsession, since I was a child, was to find a job that made me happy to get up in the morning. Having succeeded gives me a sense of enterprise».

Valeria Solarino as Lucia Bosè - guard

“RACISM AND HATE AMONG THE PEOPLE, OTHERWISE THE RIGHT WOULD NOT HAVE WON” - Valeria Solarino, then, in the exclusive interview with Today on the newsstand criticizes the Meloni government and the Speaker of the Chamber Lorenzo Fontana. “It doesn't matter to me that there is a woman at Palazzo Chigi: I look at people, not at gender. Whoever governs should represent a model and I don't see any models, I see worse politicians than society. Racism and hatred exist among the people, otherwise this right would not have won. But riding them is unforgivable», he says and gives an example: «It is one thing that someone at the bar defines rainbow families as “crap”, but if it is Lorenzo Fontana who does so, who does not disregard that phrase even after becoming president of the Camera, the message is that there is nothing wrong with saying it ». Solarino has a father who lives in Pozzallo, in Sicily, where the ships of migrants fleeing hunger and war often dock: «For me that has always been the place of my childhood, of my first boyfriends, of holidays. Now I think of that sea as the sea that carries dead migrants'. A theme, that of migrants, that is close to her heart: «I am patriotic, but feeling part of this country does not mean rejecting others, just as having an identity does not mean necessarily having to oppose it to that of others. Being afraid of the other can be understandable. What is unacceptable is that fears ride, as this extreme right does.

The full interview is on Today at the newsstand