Vanessa Incontrada: 'Never be afraid to defend your freedom and to accept that of others' - exclusive

The actress and presenter speaks like never before, exclusively in the weekly Oggi on newsstands. Of politics, rights, love. And she has no doubts about her separation from her partner Rossano Laurini: 'A wall will not rise between us, there will be no end'

 vanessa-incontrada-cover-today-1920 Vanessa Incontrada confides in the weekly Oggi on newsstands Photo Video

Vanessa Incontrada speaks exclusively to the weekly Oggi on newsstands on the eve of her return to Striscia la Notizia and Zelig. But also in the aftermath of the political elections. And not by chance. Since she is for the first time she explains how she really thinks about rights, politics, love. In short, life Photo | video 1 | video 2

Vanessa Incontrada, the audience sings 'You are beautiful' Vanessa Incontrada, the audience sings 'You are beautiful'

Vanessa Incontrada: love with Rossano Laurini is over, that for her son Isal ... infinite - guard

The cover of Today on newsstands

 !P!Today!IS!0040.2022!N!40 COVER INCONTRADA!E!.pdf “NO MORE FEAR” – «Absurd positions are emerging on sensitive issues and rights that should be acquired by now. Never be afraid to defend your freedom and that of others, if they are in danger or denied'. From the cover of the weekly Oggi on the newsstand, Vanessa Incontrada says why, after having held back for years, she has decided to say how she thinks about rights and politics: «Today I am no longer afraid of the judgment of others and of the labels they sew on you . I think I live in a democracy – or at least I hope so – in which there is no need to fear that taking a stand will have unwelcome consequences».

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“THE FAR RIGHT HAS PROBLEMS” – Vanessa Incontrada, who grew up between Spain and Italy, also draws a parallel: «The tendency to create categories in which one claims to confine others, homosexuals, non-EU citizens, is very Italian. Spain has made a leap on rights and tolerance that Italy has failed to do. Now, however, the atmosphere has changed a bit there too, I think it depends on the growth of Vox: the far right has problems with freedom'.

Vanessa Inocntrada at the sea with her son Isal – guard

THE SEPARATION FROM THE COMPANION – On the eve of a year in which he will divide his time between TV, theater and cinema, Incontrada also returns to his separation from his partner Rossano Laurini: «It is a moment of great reflection. But with him a wall will never rise, our story will never be over. We have a son, we are and will be linked for life because we will always have a present».

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