Vanessa Mai reveals tooth secret: 'Bitten in the curb'

  Pop singer Vanessa Mai had to help a little with her perfect smile. Pop singer Vanessa Mai had to help a little with her perfect smile. Image: dpa / Henning Kaiser

Vanessa Mai recently revealed a secret of her appearance. The pop singer is one of the most successful interpreters of the genre in Germany . But she is not as closely connected to hits as her colleagues. Again and again, Vanessa also releases genre-breaking songs that are more in the direction of pop or rap. Some features with rappers like Olexesh or Sido make them interesting not only for Schlager fans.

In addition, the 30-year-old is active on pretty much all social media platforms: on Tiktok and Instagram she keeps her community up to date and started her own talk show on YouTube with 'On Mai Way'. Now Vanessa was a guest on the platform in a different format, namely 'correct or gone' by and with Benni and Dennis Wolter. At some point it was about the teeth of the 'Metamorphosis' interpreter.

Vanessa Mai talks about an accident in her childhood

In the round with a celebrity and the Wolter twins, there is always a wildcard winner in 'Korrekt oder weg'. In the current issue, it was Max, who is studying dentistry. After Benni Wolter noticed that he was 'in the mood for veneers', Vanessa reacted immediately: 'Veneers? I have one in front!' These are ceramic shells that are glued to the teeth.

Video: YouTube/World Wide Living Room

The hosts were surprised and immediately realized that you wouldn't even see the gear mesh. 'Yes, that's the point of it all, if you do it really well' , Vanessa replied amused and gave the reason why she had veneers made:

'Because I bit the curb when I was a kid. I was in a bike accident.'

With the veneers to support a perfect smile, that's not all - Vanessa also had her teeth whitened: 'But only upstairs, because downstairs it hurt.' She then found that the whitened teeth would darken again over time: 'But of course the veneer stays the way it is.' For better or for worse, this means that the singer has to have her teeth bleached again and again – Max also confirmed this with a nod in “Correct or gone”.

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Pop singer is asked for Onlyfans account

Vanessa Mai opens Social Media always clear that she attaches great importance to her appearance. It is not uncommon for her to show herself posing lightly dressed on Instagram. This is probably one of the reasons why the singer was recently asked at a Tiktok live event if she would also get an Onlyfans account.

Her initial response was: 'If you pay...' The former 'DSDS' judge quickly added: 'Somehow I celebrate Onlyfans, but somehow not.' It didn't get any clearer with regard to their membership on the permissive payment portal.