Viktor Orban breaks the European front on sanctions against Russia: 'They are subject to referendum'

The Hungarian premier puts sanctions against Moscow in a referendum. 261,000 citizens fled Russia after the mobilization of the reservists. Yellow on the closure of the borders

  Hungarian Prime Minister Orban meets Austrian Chancellor Nehammer in Vienna Viktor Orban: 'The peoples of the EU are against sanctions' Photo Video

Missile attack in the evening on Kryvyi Rih airport: the war gives no respite. But the Russians called to arms flee: 261,000 fled after the mobilization of the reservists. The Japanese consul in Vladivostok arrested by the 007 of Moscow. Putin grants honorary citizenship to Edward Snowden. The United States attacks the annexation referendums, announces new restrictions and the Moscow Stock Exchange has collapsed to its lowest level since the beginning of the conflict. Premier Viktor Orban breaks the European front of sanctions: 'It is not the peoples of the EU who want them, but the Brussels bureaucrats'. - Photo | video | video 1 | video 2 | video 3

Vladimir Putin, the two daughters Maria and Katerina sanctioned by the US: 'They hide their father's assets' - guard

WAR FRONT - A missile attack was launched late yesterday evening on Kryvyi Rih airport. Valentin Reznichenko, head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional military administration, says: “The Russians launched an X-59 missile at the airport. The infrastructure was destroyed. Further use of the airport is impossible '. The Kiev secret services allegedly captured in Kherson a soldier involved in the horrors of Bucha, suspected of killing a civilian driving a car in the village of Zdvizhivka. And after the latest Kremlin raid in Krasnohorivka, in the Donetsk region, the remains of a woman were found under the rubble of a destroyed house. The United States continues to condemn the referendums of annexation to Russia of the occupied areas, calling them a farce and announcing new sanctions through the mouth of the White House spokesperson, Karine Jean-Pierre. The same measures are foreseen by the British government. And analysts blame this new hypothesis for the 10% collapse of the Moscow stock exchange, which has fallen to the lowest level since the start of the offensive against Kiev. But all this does not seem to worry the leaders of the Kremlin. His spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said that the date of the official accession of the annexed regions will be communicated in due course: 'This will be preceded by a certain procedure linked to our legislators'.

Ukraine, Putin goes on TV: '300,000 reservists recalled'. Escape from Moscow, queues at the border - guard

THE RUSSIANS ON THE RUN - The mobilization of the reservists decided by Vladimir Putin still holds the ground. Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky addresses the Russians directly: “We are increasingly convinced that the mobilization is an attempt to supply the commanders with meat for slaughter. We must do everything to ensure that every Russian citizen recognizes that his state is depriving him of the most important thing: the right to life ”. According to the Moscow security services, 261,000 citizens have left Russia after Putin's words. And according to the independent organization Ovd-Info, 2,353 demonstrators were arrested for protesting. In fact, there is a mystery about the closure of the borders. The Kremlin admits 'errors' in the mobilization effort, but also of not having 'taken any decision' regarding the blockade of the borders. However, the Ukrainian General Staff reports the closure of the Rostov region, both inbound and outbound, with the obligation to those who have received the draft notice to report to the military command within three days.

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REFERENDUM FOR SANCTIONS - Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban definitively breaks the unitary front on sanctions against Russia and tells TASS: “The sanctions have been introduced in an undemocratic way, because they were decided by the Brussels bureaucrats but the Europeans pay the price. We need to know the opinion of the people. For the first time in Europe, in Hungary we will ask for people's opinion on sanctions. We will organize a national consultation in which Hungarians will be able to express their opinion, to say if they support them and if they are in favor of introducing other measures '. And again: “Russia earned 158 billion in revenues, half of which, 85 billion, was paid by the EU countries. No wonder that in some Member States, angry people are changing the governments that supported sanctions. ' The reference is obviously to Italy, whose electoral result is greeted with a 'Come on guys!' From Moscow, instead, an outstretched hand comes to 'any political force capable of showing itself more constructive in relations with Russia'. Thus, the reaction of the United States soon comes with a message from the White House: 'Italy is an ally of NATO, a partner of the G7 and the EU, and we will work with the country on common issues such as the war in Ukraine'. NATO secretary Jens Stoltenberg goes further, with a request to all members of the European Union: 'Cooperation between NATO and the EU contributes to security and stability, therefore we believe that the time has come to agree on a new declaration joint to carry out our partnership '. And while Washington announces another 475.5 million aid to Kiev, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pushes for new negotiations: 'We continue to believe in the power of dialogue and diplomacy and we will continue our efforts for peace and put an end to this bloodbath '.

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SPY STORY A MOSCA - In Moscow, meanwhile, the Japanese consul in Vladivostok, Motoki Tatsunori, was arrested and declared a 'persona non grata': he has two days to leave the country after being stopped while receiving classified information on the impact in Russia of the sanctions in money exchange. And still speaking of secret services, Putin has decided to grant Russian citizenship to former US CIA computer scientist Edward Snowden, the man who in 2013 released secret documents relating to various US operations and whom the Americans would like to try for espionage. Snowden has long found asylum in Moscow. Ned Price, spokesman for the Washington State Department, assures that Putin's decision 'changes nothing' and that American justice will continue to pursue him.