Wanda Nara and L-Gante, engaged to kiss: 'Yes, we are in love' (but will it be true?)

The confirmation came from the Argentine magazine Caras. But there is a strong suspicion that it's all… marketing. A marketing that works: in one year, the former Mrs. Icardi has doubled her followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, in Istanbul…

  Wanda Nara and L-Ghent 1920 Wanda Nara and rapper L-Gante in bed. And not only... Photo Video

Articles on Wanda Nara should be preceded by a warning, or a girth, that says: 'Taken from an unreal story'. The latest news concerning her is that her liaison with the young and hyper-tattooed rapper L-Gante, 22 years old (therefore 13 abundant less than her), has reached the level of love. – photo | video

Mauro Icardi, the harsh outburst against Wanda Nara Mauro Icardi, the harsh outburst against Wanda Nara

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, it's really over: now there's the official announcement - guard

CONFIRMATION - The confirmation came from the columns of the Argentine magazine faces , who did a double interview with the couple. A specific question – Are you in love? – she also replied for him: 'Yes, we are in love', while the rapper, who is Elián Ángel Valenzuela at the registry office, limited himself to blowing a 'yes'.

Wanda Nara, definitive peace with Maxi Lopez thanks to a super luxurious villa of 2 million dollars – guard

CONVICENT WAS THE VIDEO CLIP - To bring them together, the video of the new song by L-Gante, The last Romantic . Video largely shot on a Latvian (the one of the large villa that Wanda owns in Santa Barbara, near Buenos Aires), and immediately rewarded by Youtube: in the first four hours of its upload, it exceeded one million views. In the video, unlike what had been said, there is no kiss between the two: however, the kiss illustrates the cover of the single The last Romantic.

Wanda Nara, the revelation: “So I discovered the hot chats between Mauro Icardi and China Suarez. Yet I forgave my husband…

THE USUAL SUSPECT - The suspicion that it is yet another marketing operation by Wanda is quite strong. Just as it is undeniable that, in marketing herself, Nara is unsurpassed: since, in October 2021, she accused Mauro Icardi of high treason (with the now forgotten Eugenia Suarez, known as China), she has doubled her followers on Instagram, which are now close to 16 million. And L-Gante also profited, in terms of followers (he now has over 5 million), from the rumors of an engagement with Wanda. The two then also exchanged commercial favors: she shot the video clip, he posed as a model for the Nara sportswear brand.

Wanda Nara, a fiery phone call to China Suarez appears ... with an icy answer: 'Your Mauro Icardi is the hunter

AND MAURO ICARDI… - Who remains with the match (and family) in hand is Mauro Icardi, who from Istanbul, where he lives with his five children, first lashed out against his wife's performances ('He's the laughingstock of the world'), then denied that the separation has been formalized. “Have we separated? Strange, a few days ago it didn't seem like it. Are we separated like when I was in Argentina a few days ago? Ok, so I'll put my signature on it since we had a great time”, said Maurito, alluding to a lightning trip he made to Baires at the beginning of October. And now it will be better understood where she is going with this telenovela: Wanda, who had moved to Buenos Aires for work reasons (she is a juror on the Argentine version of The Masked Singer ), embarked for Turkey. She where she was welcomed (at the Sheraton hotel) by her five children – Maxi Lopez's three boys and Icardi's two girls – with great affection.

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