Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi: who loses more in case of divorce?

Both the Argentine footballer and his wife-agent-entrepreneur would suffer damage in really breaking up. But for now it all seems like a media show

 ICARDI WANDA NARA 1920 Wanda Nara, 35, and Mauro Icardi, 29. Photo Video

They both lose. Except that the damage suffered by Mauro Icardi is 'weighed' in dollars: in Argentina they have already calculated it at 40 million, since he would have registered a large part of his assets and earnings to his wife. The one suffered by Wanda Nara is measured in a coin (for her) more precious: visibility. Who would Wanda be without the three players - Maradona, Maxi Lopez and Icardi - who gave her a lift to fame? Her divorce would leave her very wealthy, but she would nail her to a celebrity limited to Argentina and a profession that she holds close to her: a TV entrepreneur (is she coming back with Quien es la mascara ?, which she has never gotten into. ). - Photo | video

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, love ended (for real). She: “I can't stand it anymore, I filed for divorce

A BULKY AGENT WIFE - Icardi, absurdly, would have something to gain: without the encumbrance of his wife-agent, he would go back to being a practicing footballer (he has been an overpaid spectator at PSG for two years). The new earthquake was triggered by an audio 'escaped' from the cell phone of a maid, Carmen, and filmed on TV. 'I'm in Argentina to organize a divorce, I can't take it anymore,' the confidence of Wanda, who in Buenos Aires would have a liaison with a married player who has not yet been identified. But it's possible that it was all a show. The Nara has cut out the part of the one who tears, Mauro touches the part of the one who stitches up (this time with a repairing trip to Ibiza).

Wanda Nara, the revelation: “So I discovered the hot chats between Mauro Icardi and China Suarez. Yet I forgave my husband ...

A SPECIE OF TELENOVELAS - The Icardis are now a kind of production house specializing in the launch of soap operas and minor characters: the maids fill the Argentine talk shows by leaking the secrets of the couple; Wanda's trusted hairdresser was recruited by a reality , his (divorce) lawyer has become a star. Oscar Wilde said, through Dorian Gray: 'There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about: not being talked about'.

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