Wanda Nara and the veranda in the San Siro condominium: the superbonus is skipped and the neighbors want to ask her for damages

For the tenants of the prestigious building, the 17 million project would have been skipped due to the 'irregular' veranda of the prosecutor. Her lawyer: “The irregularity has to be proven, but the veranda has been removed. And in the building it was not the only irregularity to be remedied '

  wanda-nara-interview-mauro-icardi-645 Wanda Nara, after the separation with her husband Mauro Icardi, the quarrel with the neighbors Photo Video

Wanda Nara doesn't have a moment of peace. After the long marital quarrel with Mauro Icardi, finally resolved with the separation (not definitive), the one with the neighbors arrives, who charge his veranda with the non-acceptance of the superbonus by the Revenue Agency: a project from 17 million euros gone up in smoke. And for which the tenants of the building would now be ready to ask you for damages. Photo | video

Mauro Icardi, the harsh outburst against Wanda Nara Mauro Icardi, the harsh outburst against Wanda Nara

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THE IRREGULAR VERANDA - The story is told by Republic . In the centre, the veranda of the Argentine prosecutor and showgirl built to enclose one of the terraces of her apartment, on the penultimate and top floor of the building. A structure that had obviously annoyed someone. In fact, on 13 August 2018, after a complaint, the Municipality of Milan had detected two irregular building interventions on the property at the time of the couple: one, attributable to the previous owner, and the other, the veranda, completed instead by the former couple. But nothing had happened. In October 2021, however, the condominium decides to redevelop the building: but to have access to the 110% superbonus useful to support the 17 million euro works, any building must be in full order. In the building there are a dozen situations that are not perfect: balconies closed, glass holders moved, windows enlarged. Everything must be remedied at your own expense. For the neighbors, writes the newspaper, Wanda is the only one who doesn't do it in time. He dismantled everything in June. So, when the no comes from the Revenue Agency, the neighbors decide to contact a lawyer to ask for damages. Because of course, they will be able to request again, but in the meantime the rules have changed: the superbonus has gone from 110% to 90%.

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WANDA'S VERSION - For Wanda, her lawyer Giuseppe Di Carlo speaks to Repubblica, who claims that a “series of irregularities, not only in my client's apartment, had been detected by the general contractor. During the mediation stage, Ms. Nara was asked to eliminate the alleged irregularities. Although there was no certainty about the non-compliance of the disputed works, the lady immediately took steps to remedy the situation, including the removal of the famous veranda, in order to allow the condominium to carry out the project and obtain the concessions. From here to demonstrate my client's responsibility in making the conditions for accessing the bonuses void, she passes it. Also in light of the fact that, to date, there is no certainty that any irregularity present in the building has been remedied, especially at a time prior to what my client did'.

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