What to do to get to the truth about Mario Paciolla?

A death filed as a suicide. But in issue 31 of 'Today', the mother and father of the man found dead in Colombia in 2020 told why they denounced UN officials

 paciolla 1920 A banner in memory of Mario Paciolla, who died at 33 in Colombia.

The Farnesina had promised, as in other circumstances, a quick truth. Instead, more than two years later, the most total mystery remains about the death of Mario Paciolla. In this case too, a consolidated pattern seems to be repeated: in Italy a family gets involved with its lawyers, the judiciary is fully committed, public opinion is indignant, the press talks about it, even if in this case less than necessary. Elsewhere (the place elsewhere changes from time to time: Ukraine, Egypt, now Colombia) obstacles are encountered. In this case, an obstacle even seems to be posed by the United Nations, for which Mario Paciolla worked.
The opacity with which that organism has faced a very serious fact is incredible and unacceptable, not to suppose worse. The Draghi government remains in office for the handling of current affairs. But what is more current, in the sense of current and certainly urgent, if not to work in search of the truth about the death (better, let's call it by its name: murder) of an Italian citizen abroad, which took place in a scenario of persistent violation of human rights, how was that of Colombia in recent years?

Spokesperson for Amnesty International Italia

Source: oggi.it