'Who wants to be a millionaire?': Mentalist wants to outwit Jauch – and embarrasses himself

 The mentalist Daniel Dippe had no chance against Jauch"Schnick, Schnack, Schnuck". The mentalist Daniel Dippe had no chance against Jauch with 'Schnick, Schnack, Schnuck'. Bild: RTL/ Stefan Gregorowius

'You would be a problem for me,' Günther Jauch confessed when candidate Johanna Jaspersen sat cross-legged in front of him on the chair. The reason for the lack of compatibility was not the sitting position, but the fact that Jaspersen likes it cool: In the bedroom, 16 degrees is preferred, otherwise 18 degrees. 'Can't you get used to it?' he asked, and the quick-witted trainee teacher immediately countered by pointing out that she would always offer that to her partner.

New job ideas for pensioners Günther Jauch

Apart from different temperature preferences, the two seemed to get along well. Since the moderator reported on his retirement age in one of the last programs, the Berliner pointed out to him that Action Reconciliation Sign Peace Sign, an association that arranges voluntary services abroad, also older people people is open. She herself was in Israel and wanted to hike back to this country and the Trail of Israel with her prize of 64,000 euros.

 Jaspersen sat cross-legged across from Jauch. Jaspersen sat cross-legged across from Jauch. Bild: Stefan Gregorowius, RTL

But before that, there were still a few questions to be answered. Jaspersen almost failed with the 32,000 euro question: which hero of the novel got married at the end of the story the Indian woman Aouda?