William and Harry of England together again (with Kate and Meghan) to honor Elizabeth. King Charles ordered it

The new Prince of Wales, at the last minute, telephones Harry to invite him to thank his subjects. And so the surprise appearance of the Fab Four drives people crazy and forgets, for a few minutes, the new ruler.

 The Prince and Princess of Wales Accompanied By The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Greet Wellwishers Outside Windsor Castle William and Kate, Harry and Meghan along with Windsor to greet the crowd Photo Video

The return of the FabFours (William and Harry of England, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle). Together for the first time in two years. Nobody expected it, least of all the crowd that gathered outside Windsor Castle and was welcomed not by one but by two princes. William and Harry and their wives, Kate and Meghan, put aside hostilities and left the castle together to greet and thank their subjects. Photo | video

WILLIAM TAKES THE FIRST STEP - According to the reconstruction of some sources in the Palace, it was King Charles who called the heir to the throne and asked for unity to show people that the whole family mourns the death of Elizabeth II. And so did the new Prince of Wales, just an hour before walkabout (the walk in the crowd, invented by Elisabetta himself) phoned his brother to ask him to participate with Meghan. According to it times there would have been some sort of negotiation between the Sussex and the Cambridge that would have delayed the exit of the two couples by 45 minutes. But undoubtedly the appearance of the so-called Fab Four delighted the people, the subjects, the newspapers. And he even overshadowed the king, on the very day of his official proclamation.

King Charles forbids Meghan to go to Elizabeth. So Harry comes alone - guard

SIGNS OF PEACE - The two couples split, one on each side, and shook hundreds of hands, collected small gifts and bouquets of flowers for 40 minutes. The two brothers exchanged a few words despite not talking to each other for months. Kate and Meghan avoided looking each other in the eye, they didn't get close to each other. Yet, these are small steps towards a pacification that only a few days ago seemed impossible. Maybe Granny's last wish (grandmother Elizabeth)? Meghan feared the reception of her subjects. After all the criticism of the royal family she could have been booed, but people greeted her warmly, someone hugged her, and she did her best to support Harry and show contrition, even towards the Cambridge. But how long will it last?

Charles of England, first speech as a king: 'Like Elizabeth, I will always be at your service

THE MISSING TITLE - Technically, the grandchildren of a ruler have the title of prince and princess and so they should be called Archie and Lilibet, sons of the Sussexes. Yet, in the new line of succession to the throne, published by Buckingham Palace, the two children do not have this title but are always called Master and Miss. This could be another source of friction between the Palace and Harry. But for now, the tensions have been put aside. The Sussexes are likely to stay in Windsor until their funeral on Monday 19th and they may be offered some role in the ceremony. The king wants nothing more than to reconcile his children.

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