William and Harry of England united again behind the coffin of their grandmother Queen Elizabeth, 25 years after mother Lady Diana

The funeral procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall stopped all of London. The grandchildren of the sovereign attracted attention. And now Elizabeth will stay in the Parliament building for four days. For the homage of an immense crowd

 procession-queen-william-harry The funeral procession of Elizabeth of England through the streets of London Photo Video

Like 25 years ago, side by side, wrapped in black, with the head bowed. They were then 15 and 12 years old and mourned the disappearance of their mother Diana. Today William and Harry are walking behind a coffin again, that of the grandmother queen. A funeral procession that will go down in history and that for the two brothers brings to light memories of great pain - Photo | video

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THE UNITED FAMILY - At 3.22 pm sharp the funeral procession leaves Buckingham Palace, where the Queen spent her last night. They are all there to honor her: her son Charles, the new king, William and Harry who have put aside hostilities, the other children Andrea, Edoardo and Anna, with her husband and son Peter, the Earl of Snowdon, son of the princess. Margaret, and the Duke of Gloucester, the queen's first cousin. Many in full military uniform, but not Harry and Andrea, the two black sheep in punishment. Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, the queen consort and Sophie of Wessex, on the other hand, reach the Palace of Westminster by car.

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CROWD AND CANNON SHOTS - People have been waiting for hours, some even all night. They want to say goodbye to her Majesty. The procession lasts exactly 38 minutes, runs along the Mall, the avenue in front of Buckingham Palace, crosses Horse Guard Parade and enters Whitehall, the street of power (where Downing Street overlooks), to arrive at Westminster Hall, the most ancient parliament. Silence, applause and bows alternate. The honor guard, which includes all the armed forces, accompanies the coffin, as well as the cannon shots along the road.
In Westminster the coffin is hoisted on a bier and the Archbishop of Canterbury officiates a short mass. At 6 pm the doors open and the subjects can parade in front of the coffin for a last prayer.

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FOUR DAYS DEDICATED TO PEOPLE - For four days Elizabeth will be available to her subjects, 24 hours a day. Westminster Hall will not close even at night. One million people are expected to be ready for the 30+ hour queue. But probably only 400,000 will be able to enter the palace. The others will be rejected. Some newspapers, such as the Daily Mail, have criticized the organization of the funeral, not adequate to the magnitude of the historical event, asking that the procession, on Monday 19, take a longer route so that as many people as possible can pay homage to the body, along the road, and avoid grueling queues. “I have to be seen to be believed”, said Elizabeth. And so it should be, until the end.

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