William of England is the new Duke of Cornwall: he will earn 23 million pounds a year

The titles for the new heir to the throne change. And with them, even the wallet. While his wife Kate is Princess of Wales, as was Lady Diana (and no one after her). Here's what changes in the most admired royal family

 The Coffin Carrying Queen Elizabeth II Is Transferred From Buckingham Palace To The Palace Of Westminster William of England (with his wife Kate) now also owns the Duchy of Cornwall Photo Video

There is also money, hidden in the avalanche of affection following the death of Queen Elizabeth, and ducats that 'swirl' from one prince to another, in a domino effect worth billions. Take William of England. Becoming king, Charles 'left' him the Duchy of Cornwall, which is not without substances, on the contrary. - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4

Kate Middleton and William of England, with Meghan and Harry it is more truce than true peace - guard

WHAT A TITLE! - First of all it includes the Isles of Scilly (so monarchical that in 1651 they declared war on the Netherlands, which had given their support to the republican Oliver Cromwell), the cricket stadium of London (the legendary The Oval, now named after the sponsor, the Kia) and endless farms that produce cheeses and jams (to be precise: they are held for 54 thousand hectares). In the 'portfolio', there is also an experimental city, Poundbury (in Dorset), commissioned by Prince Charles.

William and Harry of England united again behind the coffin of their grandmother Queen Elizabeth, 25 years after mother Lady Diana - guard

HOW MUCH IS IT WORTH - The value of the duchy is estimated at one billion pounds (1 billion and 150 million euros). But profits are a real boon: 23 million pounds a year (26 and a half million).

Sophie of Wessex and Anna of England, King Charles wants the two of them to replace Andrea and Harry - guard

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