William of England passes command to Kate Middelton: from colonel to 'colonel' for St. Patrick's Day

The Princes of Wales participate together in the traditional parade of the 1st Battalion of the Irish Guards in Aldershot, Hampshire. Complete with military title handover, mutual praise, shade of green and a toast with Guinness beer

 kate-middleton-william-england-st-patrick's-2023 Kate Middleton and William of England, handover (military) on St. Patrick's Day Photo Video

It is not Saint Patrick's Day without a radiant Kate Middleton who meets the regiment of the Irish Guards dressed in green. And indeed here she is, the Princess of Wales in her new capacity as colonel of the regiment. You take part in the parade of the Irish patron saint of the 1st Battalion of the Irish Guards for the first time – photo | video

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ELEGANT IN THE RAIN – In the pouring rain Kate and William arrived in Aldershot, Hampshire, for the traditional parade. Kate a vision in turquoise, with a look carefully designed for the occasion. The coat dress was created especially for her by Catherine Walker to coordinate with the blue pen of the Irish Guards. Jane Taylor's heart-shaped fascinator (1,650 euros) is also in the same colour. On her chest a Cartier brooch in the shape of a clover, combined with a pair of emerald earrings. Minimal make-up and loose hair, increasingly in the institutional role of princess. Very different from how we saw it just a few days ago, in camouflage on the Salisbury plain, during military training.

Kate Middleton, her first time as a colonel is in camouflage uniform (and in the snow) - guard

WILLIAM'S SADNESS – The Prince of Wales, in uniform, delivered an impassioned speech before the parade: “While I am extremely happy to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with you once again, I feel incredibly sad as it means my time as your colonel is over. It was one of the greatest honors of my life, I am proud of what it represents and immensely proud of each of you'. Then he turned to his wife: 'I'm stepping aside but in Colonel Catherine you will have someone ready to commit one hundred percent and already very loyal'.

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KATE'S TRIBUTE – In a perfect couple game, the princess praised her husband: “I would like to thank Colonel William. He has always spoken of his extreme pride in this regiment and I know he will continue to support us in everything we do.' As part of the ceremony Kate handed out tufts of shamrock to the officers which were then pinned to the uniform hat, creating a moment of involuntary hilarity when William's twig landed on his forehead. Also receiving the bouquet was the mascot of the first battalion, Seamus, an Irish greyhound, protected by a red blanket against the rain.

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