Women's time is from 9 to 12 September: program and guests of the Corriere della Sera kermesse

Four days in Milan between conversations, debates and meetings with personalities from culture, entertainment, science, politics and business. Participating is very easy. As well as free


Andrea Delogu, Francesca Michielin, Virginia Raffaele, Belén Rodriguez. Diodato, Giuliano Sangiorgi are some of the protagonists of the event The time of women, four days full of debates and shows, at the Milan Triennale, from 9 to 12 September. The key word this year is 'impact', a concept based on five themes - environment, work, politics, equity and identity - on which women are called to measure themselves.

HUNDREDS OF GUESTS - In the rich program, conversations, inquiries, philosophical and literary meetings, concerts and artistic performances, but also yoga sessions, workshops, masterclasses in collaboration with the Human Foundation, University of Milan. The protagonists of the four days, along with the journalists and journalists of Corriere della Sera, were hundreds of Italian and international guests from the world of institutions, the economy, civil society, culture, entertainment and sport.

THE PROGRAM - On Friday 9 September among the most interesting events there are conversations with Sandra Milo, Caterina Caselli, Aurora Ramazzotti, while in the evening the meeting-performance Our impact with Andrea Delogu, Francesca Michielin, Virginia Raffaele, rapper Chadia Rodriguez and the dancer will be held Jacopo Tissi .. Saturday 10th we will talk about Gender Fluidity with Jonathan Bazzi, writer author of Corpi Minori (Mondadori), Majid Capovani, Lgbtqia + activist, Elisabetta Ferrari, president of the GenderLens Association, Teresa Forcades i Vila, Benedictine nun author of We are all different ! For a queer theology (Castelvecchi), Cathy La Torre, lawyer and the show Sipario by Marta Pizzigallo, actress. Also on the 10th, Barbara Stefanelli, deputy director of Corriere della sera, and Claudia Parzani interview Ilaria Capua, scientist and writer, and Giovanna Melandri, president of the MAXXI Foundation, on the theme Circular ideas for sustainability and health. One of the most interesting events on Sunday 11 September is curated by Alessandro Cannavò. It's called the Wounded Planet, The art that heals, When the theater makes us more aware of data. It includes the theatrical extract from Break the Ice by Filippo Andreatta, theater-maker, and a monologue by Anahì Traversi from The End of the World by Claudio Autelli, with speeches by Caterina Sarfatti, Director Inclusive Climate Action C40 Cities. On the other hand, Elisabetta Canalis will talk about sport, and Alessandra Chiricosta, martial arts teacher, historian of religions, researcher on gender studies, in the meeting It is strength, beauty, Getting into the ring and resenting the little girl who loved to fight. The social network theme will also be discussed with Giulia De Lellis, digital entrepreneur and influencer, Maurizio Lastrico, actor and stand-up comedian, Mariasole Pollio, actress and presenter, Gianmarco Saurino, actor, and Pierpaolo Spollon, actor.

MUSIC AND MORE - For those who love music, Giorgia and Manuel Agnelli will perform on the evening of Saturday 10th, at the Art Theater, while on the 11th, again at the Art Theater, it's up to Giuliano Sangiorgi and Diodato. The Corriere della Sera party-festival closes on 12 September at the University of Milan, with workshops and debates designed for students, At the opening, the institutional greetings of the Rector of the Statale Elio Franzini and, at 10, the meeting Giornata of parity. Among the speakers: Annalisa, Eva Cantarella, Marilisa D'Amico, Roberto Saviano.

How to participate - Admission to the appointments is free and subject to availability, subject to mandatory registration for the Masterclasses. On corriere.it and on the social networks of Corriere della Sera, La27esimaOra, 7 and iO Donna it will also be possible to follow the live streaming of the events and contribute with the hashtags #tempodelledonne and # TDD2022. More information on the schedule and guests, are available on www.iltempodelledonne.it

Source: oggi.it