'WSMDS': Guest threatens with a dirty idea – and is allowed to implement it

  Olli Schulz (left) can fight. And win. In the third new"WSMDS"-Folge schaffte er es endlich, Joko Winterscheidt als Moderator zu entmachten. Olli Schulz (left) can fight. And win. In the third new 'WSMDS' episode, he finally managed to overthrow Joko Winterscheidt as moderator. Image: ProSieben / Timmy Hargesheimer

It is quite possible that the program makers behind what is still the best and funniest ProSieben show are currently going through the most restless days imaginable. Because there has been a threat since Tuesday evening: What would actually happen if Joko Winterscheidt finally lost his own show again? And what can be expected if the show falls into new, possibly wrong hands?

Olli Schulz raised the question before – purely rhetorically at first. 'Is ProSieben sure what that means?' he asks himself, the audience, everyone present in front of and behind the scenes. 'Do they want to take that risk?' In fact, a lot could happen, especially with someone like Olli Schulz.

Because already at the beginning of the new, now third, episode of the current season of 'Who steals the show from me', the musician made a more or less well-hidden threat. 'I'm in the mood to win because I have a super dirty idea,' said Olli Schulz. That could be fun.

'You're Due Today'

In fact, it seemed as if the evening had finally come for Winterscheidt's disempowerment as moderator. Especially the two riot brothers Fahri Yardim and Olli Schulz seemed determined to do everything. That 'Jerks' star Yardim recently appeared decidedly friendly? Long forgotten. 'You're due today,' threw Fahri Yardim at the game master right at the start.

  A beating for Joko Winterscheidt: At the beginning of the youngest"Wer stiehlt mir die Show?"-Ausgabe trat der Moderator noch gewohnt selbstbewusst auf. Doch dann wendete sich das Blatt. Rubbing for Joko Winterscheidt: At the beginning of the latest 'Who is stealing the show?' edition, the moderator appeared self-confident as usual. But then the tide turned. Image: ProSieben / Timmy Hargesheimer

Schulz also had some plans after the previous failures - and help with that. So that something goes ahead, a family member had given him a cuddly toy on the show. Thorsten. The musician presented the stuffed animal as a lucky cat - 'because I had cut off so miserably'. An old school trauma flared up again in him over three 'WSMDS' episodes: 'Exam anxiety'.

Confetti shower for riot brother Fahri Yardim

However: It went well for Olli Schulz. And for Fahri Yardim too. Both fought head-to-head races for the points lead. Olli Schulz was smart, Fahri Yardim occasionally got rough. And he tried to throw in a little drama as well. 'Stop acting,' scolded Olli Schulz. 'You've never been very good at that.'

This time not only the somewhat hapless wild card candidate Gordon from Dortmund, who had to leave the studio after the first round (coin victory for Schulz!), was left behind, but also Nilam Farooq. The 'My Blind Date with Life' actress had made it to the final last week, this time the riots passed her.

After all, Nilam Farooq also had good things to do. Whenever Fahri Yardim took refuge in harsh expletives, she threw a handful of confetti she had brought with her in his direction. That was – no surprise – quickly used up. 'Just distribute clamps,' advised Joko Winterscheid.

'The Fast and the Tour-Bus': Turning curves on the outdoor area

But it would be wrong to claim that testosterone and wrestling this time fun would have overshadowed. But on the contrary. The musical mood, which once again spread the 'Mighty Winterscheidts', made sure of that. 'You have the best show band on German television,' Olli Schulz etched in the direction of Joko Winterscheidt. 'You didn't deserve that.'

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The games editors also shone once again. Quiz rounds like 'Das life is a 'give and take' job, where it's about guessing fictitious ones company from movies or The series went, as well as a whisper challenge with volunteers from the studio audience and the hide-and-seek classic 'Ready or Not, Here I Come, You Can't Hide'.

Then it got serious. Fahri Yardim and Olli Schulz competed against each other in the semifinals: in the teleprompter game as annoyed tour guides in 'The Fast and the Tour Bus'. As a little surprise for some of the studio guests, a double-decker bus actually made its way around the grounds outside – with the participants in the fill-in-the-blank exam. 'Oh, you misery,' groaned Fahri Yardim when he lost.

What did the poodle lose in bowling?

But Yardim quickly switched: The goal of the game was to overthrow Joko Winterscheidt. And suddenly victory was within reach for his comrade-in-arms Olli Schulz. Encouragement for colleague Schulz was therefore necessary. 'With three coins you destroy it - even without knowing it,' Schlulz was coached by Yardim. 'Oli, do it!'

  At first, Winterscheidt took care of his more or less lovingly"Pflegefall" Olli Schulz. Doch im Schluss-Duell war es mit den kumpelhaften Scherzen vorbei. At first, Winterscheidt took care of his 'care case' Olli Schulz more or less lovingly. But in the final duel it was over with the chummy jokes. Image: ProSieben / Timmy Hargesheimer

It's a good thing that duel leader Katrin Bauerfeind was also in the Schulz corner. She also gave him the victory and indirectly helped a little with strategic decisions in order to use the three coins really cleverly. Shortly before the final minute, she even gave her a long, passionate hug – to encourage her.

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