X Factor, Fedez the most severe judge and with Ambra Angiolini it is peace

Also on the jury are Dargen D'Amico and Rkomi. And for the first time, Francesca Michielin arrives at the conduction. All about the new edition starting on September 15th

  x-factor-2022-rectangular X Factor is back with a new jury: Fedez, Dargen D'Amico, Ambra Angiolini and Rkomi. Michielin to the conduction Photo Video

From September 15 on Sky and streaming on Now one of the most famous musical talents of the small screen will be staged and it does so with a new jury: Fedez, Dargen D'Amico, Ambra Angiolini and Rkomi. Francesca Michielin for the first time passes to the management and from what we have been able to see, she also succeeds very well. After two editions marked by the pandemic and restrictions, it's time for a new normal, with lots of music. - Photo | video

Ambra Angiolini, laughter at X Factor and ... quarrel with Fedez! - guard

HOW MANY NO - Fedez returns to the Sky program for the seventh time. In fact, in his past there are already experiences in the X Factor jury: they were his very first television appearances, and it is therefore normal that today he is able to face the same challenge with a whole new confidence. “I was 23, I go back when I'm 33 ″. Strengthened by the position reached, he is not frightened even by those who want to wink at his wife, influencer and digital entrepreneur. When you are a phenomenon on social media, there is no risk that the televoting is staggered, they ask? The rapper replies: “I believe that, over the years, both X Factor and Sanremo like all situations in which a televoting occurs, it no longer happens that if a character with more followers tries to push someone, it automatically works. Indeed, speaking of X Factor, it has been seen that over the years my wife has made appeals that have brought bad luck, so I officially ask her to refrain from doing so this time ”.

Fedez, at X Factor with his family. And the son Leone is already at work - guard

PEACE DONE - There were those who, even before the start of filming, claimed that Fedez and Ambra Angiolini were not in good blood. The two judges, however, are keen to make things clear and silence those voices that want them on a war footing. Then what happens at the judging table will be all to be discovered. “They always call me for impossible feats, - says the former host of It is not Rai , - I did an audition and incredibly they said yes. I am so used to hurting, that when I am tested I succeed. My career is all the no they have said to me and it is strange to receive a yes and even want to do it. Not just because I had boyfriends who sing, I want to say it ”.

Ambra Angiolini snubs Massimiliano Allegri: “My only failure? The one with Francesco Renga

DARGEN AND RKOMI, FROM SANREMO TO X FACTOR - The other two judges of the program will all be known. Both of them came out of the last edition of the singing festival, they have a career under way and many fans. The first is probably the funniest part of the show and he already jokes: 'I was convinced there were still the judges of the past edition, I was screwed. I know I'm a big bet, I wouldn't have taken it ”. And Rkomi, the most excited of the four, adds: “I want to live in the moment, with a little preparation. My colleagues help me, I want to do well and live it ”.

Francesca Michielin returns to X Factor: she is the host of the new season - guard

THE LESSEE - She appears confident and involved: Francesca Michielin, ten years after her debut at X Factor, returns as a presenter (but she will also sing, fortunately). And in the first minutes of the show, previewed at the presentation press conference, she conquers with her genuineness: 'I know that a judge should be super partes, but I find it hard not to get involved, I know what they felt . And it is an emotion to be back on this stage '.

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