Yellow in Trentino: find the body of a hunter, raise the alarm. And the next day he commits suicide

The Public Prosecutor's Office investigates to understand what happened in Peio, in Trentino. The former forest ranger Maurizio Gionta took his own life after finding the body of a hunter. He left a goodbye note

 Massimiliano Lucietti Massimiliano Lucietti was 24 years old and was a volunteer firefighter

It's yellow in Trentino for the death of two hunters 24 hours apart. We are talking about the young Massimiliano Lucietti, 24, and the man who had discovered his body and raised the alarm, the former forest ranger Maurizio Gionta, who committed suicide the following day. What happened to the two?

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THE STORY - We are in Peio, in Trentino. On the morning of 31 October Massimiliano leaves the house early to go hunting with his rifle on the Val di Sole path. Everyone in the area knows him, because he has been a voluntary firefighter for about ten years. At 7.25 a shot is heard. Less than twenty minutes later the alarm goes off, when another hunter, the 59-year-old former forester Maurizio, finds his body. The two knew each other, being part of the same hunting group. Massimiliano died with a shot fired from the bottom up that hit him in the jaw: the most accredited hypothesis, pending the outcome of the expert reports, is that it was a hunting accident, perhaps due to the malfunction of his weapon. But it is not excluded that the shot came from someone else's rifle. A shell was found on his abdomen. The prosecutor of Trento Davide Ognibene opens a file for manslaughter against unknown persons.

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SUICIDE - The following day Maurizio leaves his wedding ring on the bedside table and, shortly after 9, heads by car to the gates of Celledizzo, not far from home. They find him dead on a bench. He appears to have shot himself with his rifle. A note with two lines that the man wrote before taking his own life is found in the car. It seems that he asked not to be blamed for the murder of Massimiliano. But, as they let the prosecutor know, there were no suspects about him. The mayor of Peio, Alberto Pretti, says al Corriere della Sera : “The community is taking this news really badly. We were just processing a mourning and we immediately find another one. Perhaps in our communities pain brings people together even more, because, being small, these things are amplified. We need to smooth out the tones to try to elaborate on these two events”.

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