Yellow on the helicopter that crashed in Brovary: 14 dead, including the Ukrainian interior minister. Zelensky: 'We will clarify'

The helicopter on fire when it was still in flight. Not excluding sabotage. The chief of police takes the place of the minister who died in the accident. Stoltenberg: “Ukraine will join NATO”. The US ready to allow Kiev to strike Crimea. But the EU is still splitting: Germany will not send tanks

  Russian military equipment defused in Ukraine exhibited in Prague Ukrainian Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky, among the victims of the crash Photo Video

Yellow on the helicopter that crashed in Brovary, near Kiev, in the accident of which 14 people died, including the Ukrainian Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky: the vehicle would have caught fire when it was still in flight and sabotage cannot be ruled out. The secretary general of the Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg: 'Nato position unchanged, Ukraine will become a member'. US ready to allow Zelensky to strike Crimea. But a new split occurs in the EU: the German chancellor Olaf Scholz announces that he will not send tanks to Kiev and provokes the wrath of the European Parliament: 'Deliver them immediately'. Lavrov 'surprised' to see Italy on the anti-Russian front. And Putin has no doubts: 'Our success is inevitable.' - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4 | video 5 | video 6 | video 7

Olena Zelenska at the World Economic Forum: 'Nothing is off limits for Russia' Olena Zelenska at the World Economic Forum: 'Nothing is off limits for Russia'

Putin's revenge for the Crimean bridge: raid on Zaporizhzhia residential districts - guard

THE YELLOW OF THE HELICOPTER – The helicopter that crashed yesterday morning in Brovary was carrying people taking their children to kindergarten, but also the Ukrainian Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky, the first deputy minister Yevgeny Yenin and Yuriy Lubkovich, secretary of state of the ministry, en route to war zones . And again the assistant chief of the ministry Tetyana Shutyak and the head of security Mykhailo Pavlushko. The three crew members also died. Fourteen victims in all, including a child, and 25 injured, including 11 children. At first it was thought that fog and darkness were the causes of the accident. But soon things changed. As it reports Espresso Tv 'People report that there was a strong explosion and that the helicopter circled several times in the air and only then fell. The Attorney General has already opened an investigation. Investigators are working on the spot.' The police made an appeal: “All citizens who have the necessary information are requested to contact the police. Every detail is important.' The adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, Anton Gerashchenko, writes on Telegram: 'Soon we will know if it was sabotage, a malfunction of the equipment, a violation of flight safety rules'. Police chief Igor Klymenko was appointed acting interior minister. John Kirby, spokesman for the National Security Council of the White House, said in the evening: 'The United States does not know what caused the helicopter crash on the outskirts of Kiev, which caused 14 deaths'. And in the usual message to the nation, Volodymyr Zelensky explains: “We will establish clear facts about what led to the disaster. Hundreds of people were involved in extinguishing the fire, searching for and rescuing the injured and carrying out initial investigative actions. I would like to thank the teachers of the kindergarten, on whose territory the helicopter crashed. Thanks for taking the kids out. I also thank the citizens of Brovary, who helped both the children and the injured. The Security Service of Ukraine has launched a criminal investigation into this terrible event. Today, all the necessary decisions regarding the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were taken. We have lost people who were professionals, patriots, and reliable leaders. Interior Minister Denys Monastyrskyi, Evgeny Yenin, their colleagues who died in the disaster are not easily replaceable people. It is truly a great loss for the state.' Meanwhile, the Russian attacks have not stopped: throughout the day the communities of Krasnopil and Shalygin, in the Sumy region, have been bombed.

Ursula von der Leyen, the revelation (by mistake) that leaves dismay: more than 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers died in the war - guard

kyiv CONTROLS THE CRIMEA - According to New York Times , the United States is reportedly 'starting to soften' its position on the need to equip Kiev with weapons capable of striking in Crimea. According to the newspaper, US administration officials fear less that Vladimir Putin could react with nuclear weapons. A position evidently shared by the NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg who, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, he said: “NATO's position has not changed. Ukraine will become a member of NATO even if now the main objective must be to support it and ensure that it wins this war”. Olena Zelenska, first lady of Ukraine, instead reveals: 'My husband wrote a letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping in the hope of finding in Beijing a useful side to open a possible dialogue that can soon resolve the conflict'. But the UN secretary general, Antonio Guterres, has little hope: 'At the moment there are no conditions for negotiating a peace. The two sides have disagreements about the past and this makes it more difficult to find a solution. In any case, the solution will have to be based on international law. We are doing everything possible to limit the damage and reduce the suffering of the people and also the devastating impact on the world economy'. In the confrontation, the arms race continues. Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand, who arrived in Kiev, announced the supply of 200 Senator armored vehicles.

War in Ukraine, hell behind but winter ahead - guard

THE GERMANY BRAKES - The EU calls on member countries to step up military, political and humanitarian support to Ukraine. But find a new brake. After 97% of Hungarians said they were against sanctions on Russia, practically a plebiscite, Germany held back. Berlin has in fact offered to help Kiev in investigating the crashed helicopter. And the chancellor Olaf Scholz said he was convinced, in Davos, of how things should go: 'To end the war, Russia's aggression must fail. We are therefore supporting Ukraine with large quantities of weapons, in close consultation with our partners. This includes IRIS-T or Patriot defense systems, artillery, armed infantry, aircraft, with a profound breakthrough for Germany in foreign and security policy. Russia has already completely failed to achieve its imperialist goals.' However the chancellor was equally clear on the issue of tanks Leopard , which he decided not to send: 'Kiev has already received very effective weapons from Germany'. He sentence that provoked the wrath of the European Parliament. In a note from the Eurochamber, he is invited to send the crawlers immediately and without delay. From the White House, on the other hand, he does not go so far, probably because he wants the EU to regulate his own internal affairs. Kirby, in fact, limits himself to a circumstantial comment: 'We understand and respect the resistance of the allies on sending weapons'.

Kiev in the frost and in the dark. Klitschko: “Terrible winter. We must prepare to evacuate the city' - guard

RUSSIA SURPRISES DALL'ITALY - Vladimir Putin spoke again during an inspection of the Obukhovsky arms factory: 'The amount of air defense missiles that are produced here exceeds the same production in the United States by three times in a year'. And he adds: 'Russia's victory is inevitable and is based on the unity of the Russian people, on the heroism of special operations fighters, on the functioning of the military-industrial complex.' But what causes discussion are the words of the Kremlin's Foreign Minister Sergej Lavrov, surprised by Italy and whose position he believes is imposed by Europe, given that 'it does not reflect the interests of the Italian people'. Indeed, he explains: “The speed with which Italy moved into the field of leaders of anti-Russian actions and rhetoric was somewhat surprising for us. The way Italy is reacting to what is happening in Ukraine reflects an aggressive line of confrontation imposed by Europe rather than the interests of the Italian people, who are not interested in imposing barriers and cutting all channels'.