Youtuber Bibi Classen: Expert warns of a longer network break – 'risky'

  Youtuber Bibi Claßen makes herself rare on the net after her separation from her husband Julian. Youtuber Bibi Claßen makes herself rare on the net after her separation from her husband Julian. instagram/bibisbeautypalace Analyse

Bibi Claßen has been running her YouTube channel BibisBeautyPalace for ten years and is also available under that name Instagram active. 5.9 and 8.2 million users follow her on the channels. At the beginning of her social media career, she limited herself to the topics Mode and cosmetics, her private life came to the fore with increasing popularity - and this one was just perfect: In her videos she showed herself with her childhood sweetheart Julian, both married and had two children . Her Fans were up close and personal with each of these milestones.

Bibi's perfect social media world is crumbling

But this year the 'Bibi' brand got big cracks. In May, photos of the Youtuber suddenly appeared on Tiktok, which showed her very familiar with another man. Separation rumors surfaced, which Julian finally confirmed. According to the 29-year-old, Bibi is said to have separated from him. Later, Bibi also confirmed the separation, but did not go into the details – meanwhile it has been quiet on Bibi's channels for weeks.

  Julian and Bibi Claßen were the dream couple of the YouTube scene for years. Julian and Bibi Claßen were the dream couple of the YouTube scene for years. Image: dpa / Christoph Soeder

Julian, on the other hand, is as active on Instagram as before the breakup and now also has a new girlfriend: former swimmer Tanja Makarić. And that's not all: Last weekend, Tanja announced that she would be represented by Julian's management from now on. Bibi was previously under contract there, but now she can no longer be found among the artists represented.

So is Bibi's career as a content creator in jeopardy? Watson spoke to social media expert Felix Beilharz about it and asked him for an assessment. In the conversation he explained, among other things, what mistakes Bibi made in her communication, what he would advise her in the current situation and what chances he gives Tanja as 'Bibi's successor'.

Bibi made this mistake

The separation of Bibi and Julian splits the YouTube fan community into two camps: some are on Bibi's side and others are on Julian's side.

If you read the comments on the net, you get the impression that more fans have sided with Julian - Bibi, on the other hand, is met with more hatred. Above all, many users are angry that Bibi did not comment further on the separation. This is exactly where Beilharz sees the crucial mistake. He explains to watson:

'Bibi let control slip out of her hands here. First the photos of her with another man surfaced, then Julian confirmed the breakup - all before she commented on it. It would have been wiser to be proactive here and thus shape the public image itself.'
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Although a separation is a very personal matter even for celebrities and has to be experienced by the person concerned, he admits. At the same time he points out: 'Bibi and Julian have their complete relationship publicly staged, so one can certainly say that a public interest in the separation is not entirely unjustified.'

It was also not helpful for Bibi's image that there were rumors that the separation was a fake, an experiment or even a prank. She could have forestalled that, too, if she had acted proactively.

Bibi silence on the net is risky

Bibi's last post on Instagram was May 28th. In this context, Beilharz warns that a longer break is very risky because: 'First of all, influencers live like others Prominent also, of their presence.' In addition, he adds:

'The relevance in the minds of the fans is short-lived and can quickly disappear. And at the same time, the values ​​that are so important, such as trust and sympathy, are also disappearing.'

Of course you can get back in after a long break, says Beilharz. He cites Sophia Thiel as an example. The fitness influencer retired in 2019 and there was radio silence on her channels for two years, since her return she has been successful as before. Beilharz' should look out for that opinion after but not leave: 'It's just a high risk. The risk that the 'market' has moved on and you can no longer build on previous successes is high.'

According to 'Bild' information, Bibi should currently not be bookable for any cooperation. The social media expert also sees a certain risk in this. According to his information, Bibi's fortune should amount to five million euros, but that doesn't mean anything:

'A lot of it will be in her house and other investments. Her advantage is that with Bilou she has a successful cosmetics line that brings her income even without a constant presence. But here, too, success depends on her as a person in the long term.'
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Many of their young fans would buy Bilou products less because of the product as such and more because of the person behind it, he explains and adds: 'So all in all, I would argue that she can easily live a year or more without a cooperation agreement.' He also says: 'And who knows, maybe she's already working in secret on the next business idea or a sensational new cooperation.'

When asked, Bibi's management did not want to comment on the subject.

Julian Claßen continues without Bibi

But the separation does not only affect Bibi and Julian, but also Julian's new girlfriend. Since the love outing, the 25-year-old has done a lot in terms of reach: A proud 380,000 users now follow her. Beilharz estimates Tanja's chances in the social media business to be like this:

'Today it is much more difficult than in Bibi's early days to establish oneself as a new and permanently relevant player in the market. But of course Julian has all the prerequisites to make someone big. He is extremely well-known himself, has a wide reach and is popular.'
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He could imagine Julian becoming her 'springboard to her own celebrity.' However, that depends on what she achieves beyond the relationship with Julian, he explains and clarifies: 'This factor alone will not be enough.'

And what about Julian - can he be successful without Bibi in the long term? Beilharz says: 'Bibi is clearly the stronger in this duo. But Julian also has a large fan base himself. I believe that he can continue to be successful without Bibi, even if she was of course an extremely important support for him.'

That's what a social media expert, Bibi Claßen, advises

In order to be successful again quickly and to ensure positive headlines, Felix Beilharz advises Bibi to seek dialogue with the fans:

'I wouldn't cut off contact with the fans for too long and would check in at least occasionally but regularly. There's a reason why millions of people follow her, but it's quickly forgotten, out of sight, out of mind.'
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In addition, Bibi must now remember 'What are their core values, what distinguishes them, which image they want to convey to the outside world.' So far, the happy influencer relationship, respectively family been her image. 'Now that could change. But such upheavals are always dangerous for brands,' predicts Beilharz.