Zaporizhzhia, a new bombing raids four holes in the roof of the nuclear power plant

A new bombing in Zaporizhzhia hit the roof of the nuclear power plant, leaving four holes visible from the satellite. The IAEA has arrived in Ukraine. Von der Leyen: 'Let's get ready for a total stop of Russian gas.' And Vladimir Putin thunders: “It is time for a new order. The unipolar world is obsolete '

  Moscow, gunfire Kiev near Zaporizhzhia, hit a roof The roof of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant was dangerously damaged Photo Video

In Zaporizhzhia the threshold of danger continues to rise: a new bombing of which the Russians accuse Kiev (which they deny) caused damage to the roof of the nuclear power plant. The IAEA is ready to inspect the plant. Yellow on the Ukrainian counter-offensive in Kherson: for Moscow it is 'fake news'. Ursula Von der Leyen sounds the alarm: 'Let's get ready for a total stop of Russian gas'. And Vladimir Putin challenges the West: 'It is time for a new order. The unipolar world is obsolete. ' - Photo | video

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THE ROOF OF THE NUCLEAR POWER STATION - Yesterday afternoon the Russian authorities occupying the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant denounced yet another Ukrainian attack on the plant. Vladimir Rogov, a member of the local administration, said: 'The bombing by Ukrainian forces damaged the roof of a building of the power plant where radioactive material is stored to power the reactors.' Kiev has always denied having targeted the power plant and Volodymyr Zelensky replied that Moscow's goal is to 'blackmail' and 'intimidate' Ukrainians and Europeans: 'Only Russia has managed to transform a nuclear power plant into a battlefield and continues to do everything to alarm Europe. Why is Russia doing this? Why is Russia blackmailing radiation? The same goal, completely cynical, completely calculated: to intimidate the Ukrainians, to intimidate all Europeans. Blackmail and coercion '. In fact, during the night, satellite images by Maxar Technolgies were released, showing four holes on the roof of one of the buildings of the plant, near three Russian armored vehicles. Rogov himself posted a photo of one of the holes on Telegram, the authenticity of which is confirmed by CNN. Who led the attack obviously remains a mystery. The IAEA led by Rafael Grossi has meanwhile arrived in Kiev and should soon begin inspecting the plant.

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THE YELLOW OF KHERSON - But the propaganda war is not just about Zaporizhzhia. In the early afternoon yesterday the Ukrainian operational command of Kakhovka wrote on Facebook: 'The 109th regiment of the Donetsk People's Republic has abandoned its positions in the Kherson region and the Russian paratroopers who supported it have left the battlefield'. The civilians were reportedly evacuated from the city of Novaya Kakhova, east of Kherson, in a counter-offensive. But the Russian leader in Crimea Serghei Aksyonov has branded the success of the Ukrainian counter-offensive as 'fake news', saying he is certain that Kiev is suffering 'extreme losses in the south and in all other sectors, but they must show the activities to their Western masters'. And in the evening, the defense ministry of Moscow made it known that Ukrainian attacks were repelled in both Kherson and Mykolaiv. According to CNN, which cites military sources, the Ukrainians have instead recaptured four villages near Kherson. In short, how things stand in the area seems impossible to know for sure. Sure there are only the victims: the battle of Mykolaiv has in fact registered a toll of 2 dead and 24 injured, after a Russian bombing with 12 rockets that hit homes and schools.

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STOP TO RUSSIAN GAS? - The US has convened the Ukraine Defense Contact Group for September 8 in Ramstein, Germany to discuss the 'ongoing crisis and various security issues facing US allies and partners.' But what worries the West is not only the ongoing war, but the stratospheric price of energy sources. In this regard, the president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen says: 'The steep rise in electricity prices is exposing the limits of the current structure of the electricity market. This is why we are working for a structural reform of the electricity market '. But she adds alarming words: “We need to prepare for a potential total shutdown of Russian gas. We are diversifying our suppliers at the speed of light: the supply of gas from sources other than Russia has increased by 31 billion cubic meters since January of this year and this compensates for the Russian cuts. We are also substantially reducing our need for imported gas and for this reason we have asked the Member States to reduce their gas consumption by 15% ”.

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THE WORDS OF PUTIN - At the opening of the Russian Far East Investment Forum in Vladivostok, Vladimir Putin sent a message defining the 'unipolar world' as 'obsolete'. In the future he sees a new global order 'based on the fundamental principles of justice and equality and on the recognition of the right of each country or people to follow its sovereign path of development'.

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