Zaporizhzhia, the shocking outcome of the IAEA inspection: 'The physical integrity of the nuclear power plant has been violated'

The inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency intended to remain in the plant after the inspection revealed the violation of the integrity of the plant. Energoatom denounces Russian attack: reactor 5 shut down. Night of fire in Melitopol. Gazprom launches the gas alarm

  centrale-nucleare-zaporizhzhia Fear at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant Photo Video

Zaporizhzhia, the situation at the nuclear power plant is becoming increasingly worrying, the integrity of which, according to the experts of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the IAEA, has been violated. The Ukrainian atomic energy agency denounces a Russian attack on the plant and shuts down reactor 5. Moscow calls for a new meeting at the UN and announces a possible stop to oil for hostile countries. Night of fire in Melitopol. In Russia, off to military exercises with China, India and other countries. Gazprom freezes the EU: 'The highest levels of gas storage will not be enough for Europe to survive the winter'. - Photo | video

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WAR FRONT - Rain of fire in the occupied city of Melitopol, where at least five explosions were recorded during the night. Tass reports it. According to the first information gathered, they would have been produced by the entry into action of the air defense. Oleksiy Gromov, Deputy Chief of the Operations Department of the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff, reveals that Russian troops have received orders from Vladimir Putin to complete the conquest of Donetsk by 15 September.

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THE VIOLET CENTRAL - But the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, that of Zaporizhzhia, is still holding the stage in the conflict, attracting international attention. The plant, occupied by the Russians, was the focus of various attacks for which Kiev and Moscow continue to bear responsibility. In a crescendo of alarms, iodine tablets have been distributed to the population in recent days and in the latest raid satellite images showed four large holes on the roof of one of the buildings. The arrival of the IAEA inspectors was so eagerly awaited. But even before they reached their destination yesterday, the Ukrainian Nuclear Energy Agency, Energoatom, made it known on Telegram that 'due to another mortar round by the Russian occupation forces at the site of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant , the emergency protection has been activated and the power unit 5 has been switched off ”. And the work of the experts was not at all facilitated. The agency spokesman spoke to CNN about a three-hour delay in operations: 'Director General Rafael Grossi has personally negotiated with the Ukrainian military authorities to be able to proceed and remains determined that the mission reaches the plant today'. The outcome of the inspection, communicated by Grossi himself, gives chills: 'The physical integrity of the plant has been violated'. Perhaps today we will know something more. Certainly the inspection will last not a day, as the pro-Russians had indicated, but at least until 4 September: 'We believe - said Grossi - that it is essential to stabilize the situation and have regular, reliable, impartial and neutral updates'.

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MEETING AT THE UN - Kyiv Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko said he could not 'guarantee' the security of the mission, because the situation around the area continues to be 'a mess'. And Moscow asks for yet another meeting at the UN Security Council for September 6 'in light of the continuous bombing of the plant by Ukraine and the reckless attempt by the Kiev regime to derail the visit of the Aiea mission' as claimed by the Russian Deputy Ambassador to the UN, Dmitry Polyanskiy. Sergej Lavrov, foreign minister of the Kremlin, puts his cards on the table and says that on the inspection 'we expect objectivity. Although all the others who are involved in this visit, in one way or another, have made attempts to make it difficult. They clearly do not want the IAEA mission to draw objective conclusions '. Kiev replies first through Andriy Yermak, head of the bureau, who on Telegram accuses the Russians of bombing the area. Then, in the usual video of the night to the nation, it is Volodymyr Zelensky himself who enters the subject: “The main thing that should happen is the demilitarization of the territory of the Zaporizhzhia power plant. This is the goal of Ukrainian and international efforts. We hope the mission draws objective conclusions. For more than three decades, 5 facilities have been managed by our specialists: the Chernobyl station and 4 functioning nuclear power plants. The IAEA never commented on the activities of any of these structures until Russia invaded our territory and brought its madness here. When the Russian military finally leaves the territory of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, when they take away their weapons, ammunition, when they stop bombing Enerhodar and the surrounding areas and their provocations, the Zaporizhzhia plant will be able to return to work in total safety, as it has always been under the control of Ukraine ”.

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NEGOTIATED FAR - In this climate, exacerbated by the EU slap in the face of the Russians, with the suspension of the agreements on facilitated visas, it is highly unlikely to find the path of diplomacy. The Italian ambassador to Ukraine, Pierfrancesco Zazo, in an interview with Adnkronos speaks of 'scarce' opportunities for negotiations in the short term due to 'the total lack of trust between the parties'. Moscow has not even conquered the Donbass, while in Ukraine 'public opinion has become increasingly anti-Russian and less willing to compromise, after the thousands of civilian casualties caused by the bombing and massacres of Bucha and Irpin'. Emmanuel Macron sees beyond the conflict: “The division of Europe is one of the objectives of Russia's war. We must not allow it ”. But that we are facing a total split with the West, as in the times of the Cold War, is demonstrated by the 'Vostok 2022' military exercises begun in Russia and in the Sea of ​​Japan, which will last until 7 September and involve China. , India, Laos, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Syria and several countries of the former Soviet Union. Over 50,000 military personnel with more than 5,000 weapons participate, including 140 aircraft and 60 warships.

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GAS IS NOT ENOUGH FOR EUROPE - Meanwhile, Moscow is loud and announcing the total suspension of the sale of oil to 'hostile countries' if they impose a ceiling on the price. If Ursula von der Leyen had said she was optimistic for the winter, with European gas stocks 80% full, Germany has already started a savings policy. Remedies are also being examined in Italy, which, however, will never be able to provide a solution to the supply problem: temperature down by one degree and heating switched on for one hour less, in the evening, starting in October. But Gazprom literally freezes the EU from its Telegram channel, stating that even if Europe takes storage to the highest level, this 'would not guarantee that it will survive the autumn-winter season reliably'. And he rattles off the numbers: Germany, between 1 October and 31 March 2021, had consumed 57 billion cubic meters of gas, equal to 9.5 billion a month. This means that with current stock levels, or 84% of storage and 18.3 billion cubic meters, it could cover an average of two months out of six next winter.