Zelensky is in Rome: meetings with the Pope, President Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni: his day

the Ukrainian president landed at 10.13 in Ciampino; in conversation with the President of the Republic at 11.30, with the Pope around 4

 zelensky-1920 the Ukrainian premier Volodymyr Zelensk: he arrived in Rome on Saturday 13 May

Volodymyr Zelensky arrived in Rome. Meetings are scheduled with the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, the premier Giorgia Meloni and with Pope Francis. The Ukrainian president has landed at Ciampino airport at 10.13. Foreign Minister Tajani awaits him. The interview with the President of the Republic is scheduled between 11.30 and noon, with the premier at lunchtime. The meeting with the Pope around 4 pm.

Fiorello: 'Zelensky is going to the Pope? He will ask for halberds' Fiorello: 'Zelensky is going to the Pope? He will ask for halberds'

Ukraine, where are we – guard

THE ARMORED CAPITAL - Before arriving in the capital, the Ukrainian leader sent a message to the nation via Telegram, in which he supports his support and states that the Russian forces 'are already internally prepared for defeat, they have already lost this war in their minds. We have to put pressure on them every day, so that their sense of defeat turns into their escape, their mistakes, their losses'. Rome is armored with maximum alert measures: no fly zones and a ban on overflights even for drones, the aid of bomb squads, helicopters and snipers, reclamation and controls even underground. Surveillance of the areas around the Tiber and the parks is also planned, with departments straddling railway stations, airports and the main road and motorway arteries. All the police and carabinieri anti-terrorism units are on the field with a task force coordinating everything in the operations room of the police station. A thousand agents in the area, including the special departments that will follow Zelensky's movements.

Source: oggi.it