Zelensky thunders against the Russians: 'Leave Putin or you will be killed one by one'. But Kadyrov urges Moscow: 'Use tactical nuclear weapons'

Zelensky recaptures Lyman and threatens the Russians. According to CNN, the situation of the conflict has returned to that of 29 February. The Chechen leader urges Moscow to use low-intensity nuclear weapons. No more Russian gas enters Italy

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Despite the annexations of four Ukrainian regions, Moscow continues to lose the conquered territories and withdraws from Lyman. For CNN, the situation in the occupied territories is now what it was five days after the invasion. And Zelensky addresses the enemy army: 'Leave Putin or you will be killed one by one'. Chechen leader Kadyrov urges Kremlin to use nuclear weapons. The gas leak in the Baltic is over: but we learn that it happened in a chemical weapons dump. No more gas supplies arrive in Italy. Russia isolates itself even more and closes the roads to hostile countries. - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4 | video 5

Ukraine, children die in the house hit by missiles. Dog watches over rubble Ukraine, children die in house hit by missiles. The dog watches over the rubble

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WAR FRONTS - Increasingly fierce fighting in Ukraine. Kiev denounces an attack on a civilian convoy that allegedly caused 24 victims in the Kupiansk district of Kharkiv. According to the governor Oleg Synegubov, among them there are 13 children and a pregnant woman: “Such are the terrible consequences of the bombing of a convoy of seven cars by the occupiers between the villages of Kurylivka and Pishchane, in the Kupyansk district. The Russians fired on civilians at almost point-blank range.' According to the Ukrainian attorney general, 399 children have died since the beginning of the conflict and 783 have been injured. An explosion was also recorded in the Crimea, at the Belbek base. But the governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, specified that it was caused by a Russian military plane which crashed while landing. Certainly, despite the annexations of the occupied regions, Moscow continues to lose ground. Last in chronological order is the city of Lyman, in Donetsk, as admitted by the Kremlin's defense ministry: “Because of the threat of being surrounded, the allied troops withdrew from Krasny Lyman towards more advantageous positions. The Ukrainian army is suffering considerable losses at Krasny Lyman, but continues to advance.” CNN cites data from the Institute for the Study of War according to which the situation in the occupied territories has returned to that of February 29, five days after the start of the invasion. And the call up of the reservists by Moscow has not only caused escapes. Russian rapper Ivan Petunin, known by his stage name Walkie, committed suicide to avoid war after posting a video on Telegram: 'If you're watching this video I'm no longer alive, I can't take the sin of murder on my soul and I don't want to'. The current situation worries the High Representative for EU foreign policy, Josep Borrell, who explains to the Spanish TV Rtve that he believes an end to the conflict after the annexations of the four Ukrainian regions is almost impossible: 'Russia is losing' but 'Ukraine he hasn't won yet.' But in the message to the nation of the night Volodymyr Zelensky swears that after Lyman other cities will be retaken and addresses the enemy army directly: “Until you all solve the problem with the one who started it all, who started this senseless war for Russia against Ukraine, you will be killed one by one, scapegoating, lest you admit that this war is a historic mistake for Russia.”

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NUCLEAR WEAPONS - On the other front, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov urges Moscow to use low-intensity nuclear weapons. He does so with a message on Telegram: 'In my opinion, more drastic measures should be taken, up to the declaration of martial law in border areas and the use of low-yield nuclear weapons'. But US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin believes it is unlikely that Vladimir Putin has decided to nuke Ukraine: 'At this stage, I see nothing that leads me to conclude that the Russian president has made a similar decision.' At the moment the Kremlin is thinking more about isolating itself further: a decree has been signed which prevents 'hostile countries' from passing by road throughout Russia.

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IN ITALY NO GAS - Gazprom reports that the Baltic gas leak has ended. If the rebound of accusations about who carried out the attack will go on for a long time yet, it is learned, however, from the Finnish Environment Agency (Syke), that the area where the first loss was recorded, i.e. the Bornholm basin in Denmark, is the most important chemical weapons dumping ground in the Baltic Sea: 'It is probable that the effect of gas leaks on chemical weapons is minimal, since they are buried several kilometers away but the effects are still uncertain'. Meanwhile, supplies of Russian gas to Italy through Tarvisio have been reduced to zero. This was communicated by both Eni and Gazprom, as the latter was unable to supply gas through Austria.

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